Dean Raphael - Photographer & Film Maker


The intention in my work is to connect humans with humans and nature. 

I believe in keeping life simple, taking things away instead of adding more. Finding happiness in what already exists. Simply being without trying to be.

In saying that I am ambitious to create a life where I am doing what I love. To live in a way driven by the hearts desire and to live a life where I can create art that inspires people to elevate themselves, expand their horizons and to feel love.

I’m in the business of photography and film-making. It’s the celebration of life, happiness and humanity that inspires me to create and curate.

From documenting small villages in rural India, yogis on tropical islands to celebratorious weddings in Australia - all of this is following my heart.

I consider my work a fine art, something that cannot be replicated, only shot differently through varying eyes and life experiences.

My weddings are based in Melbourne and Byron Bay Australia, otherwise I’m living my life nomadically as I dedicate time to experience life of other cultures. Being on the road travelling and experiencing life in raw elements has so far been an incredible heart-opening experience. 

I’m already so grateful you are here, thank you for coming this far.

Below is where you will be able to contact me, I hope we can create something beautiful together.


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