Dean Raphael - Photographer & Film Maker

My mother once said something so profound and so simple. 

“Do whatever makes you smile”

So here I am, doing what makes me smile. Doing what I love. Having as much fun with life as I can while I follow my heart and pursue what makes me feel something special. 

I've fallen into the business of wedding photography. It’s the celebration of love and happiness that pulls me in and keeps me coming back. The gathering of friends and family from afar to come together as one to celebrate in the name of love. 

Otherwise I also shoot travel, lifestyle and yoga imagery. All of which I consider a fine art, something that can’t be replicated, only shot differently through varying eyes and different life experiences.

Based in Melbourne and Byron Bay and in between I'm living my life nomadically as I dedicate time to experience life of other cultures. Being on the road travelling and experiencing life in raw elements has so far been an incredible heart-opening experience. 

I’m already so grateful you’re here, thank you for coming this far.

Below is where you will be able to contact me, I hope we can create something beautiful together.


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