AMISTAT & Dean Raphael

When Amistat calls, you answer. They probably want you to take them out into a secluded forest and do weird things with them. Well, they called me for that anyway.

Amistat, a local Melbourne band, asked if I would be kind enough to take a few photos to update their media with. My answer was "there will obviously be more than a few, so lets go into the mountains".

The location is out in the Alpine mountains in Victoria, not too far past Marysville. I thought it would be fitting as these two aren't even Australian, and well, we're all sick of seeing bands pose in one of Melbourne's many graffiti covered lane-ways.

Anyway, we all had fun. The rest can be seen here.

Amistat | Fujifilm 200 | Pentax K1000

Amistat | Fujifilm 200 | Pentax K1000