Fuji Superia 800 | Bushrangers Bay, Victoria

This is the bit where I share one of the amazing locations I have been to. Lets get straight to the point, the map will be at the bottom of this post. You have to view my photos to get there. Please.

The film used here is Fuji Superia 800.
In low light, the 800 is quite grainy, but damn that grain is good for you. Same again with the Fuji Superia range, purples and blues are dreamy, greens are, just green.

I used the 800 because I knew I was going to be shooting around the time of sundown, the light depletes quickly and unlike using the 200 (I normally do), I had plenty of room left with my settings once dusk had arrived.

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Here's that location I told you about.
Don't get weird and defensive about it when people ask you where you've been via instagram, share the locations, let people know where all the amazing beautiful places are in this world. Unless they're rude about it, then don't share shit with them.

Dean Raphael