Amistat & Dean Raphael - Storm On A Cliff

When Amistat calls, you answer. Wait, that's how I started my first blog post about the nature loving men. 

Anyway, the Melbourne band called me again suggesting they wanted some more photos for their band's instagram, facebook, album art and just to have some images they can reflect on later down the track. They also told me they wanted to see some amazing landscapes, so that we did.

You may recall (you probably don't) that last time we shot it was in a cute creek that ran along the base of a mountain covered in eerie burnt out forests. Well this time we decided to go coastal. 

Our goal was to find some grassy fields with stormy grey clouds behind the two muso's because let's face it, Amistat's music can make you think a little. Instead as we got there the storm had just past over and the sky exploded with a ridiculous array of colours. 

We ended up strolling along some farmland and national park that met with the rugged cliffs faces that stand tall above the southern oceans. 

Jan and Josef of Amistat by Dean Raphael

Jan and Josef of Amistat by Dean Raphael

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