Colourful Cocktails & Killer Dance Moves - John's 60th

Colourful cocktails, pineapples and dance-moves that could harm a small child. 

John celebrates his 60th Birthday - although rumour would have it that he was 18 months late on the occasion, but who's counting? 

Celebrations were felt by the sensational late night foot thumping dance-moves that left residents surrounding the beautiful Churchill wondering if in fact there were earth-tremors happening in their sleepy Victorian hometown of Taradale. 

On a personal note it seems every occasion I'm invited to shoot just gets more and more fun so now I put the challenge out there to my future clients to make an event so fun that we can't distinguish the difference between the vendors and the celbrationists (made that word up)... 

Event styled by Caris & Vanessa from Prunella