Happiness Is Now // Star Stuff

Is it possible to be happy once we reach our goals? Our desired destination? The accumulation of physical possessions? Or will we get there and be just as unsatisfied as we were at the beginning? If so, maybe this is because what we thought we wanted was more of a show of achievement rather than validation of true happiness? Maybe these goals are simply ego pleasers. Do we have to show people through physical means that we worked hard? 

Perhaps happiness is deciding to be happy right now, and making moments happen that genuinely make you feel it. For me that’s a swim in the ocean or a road trip to a new destination. All this ’now happiness' can happen while we strive for our other goals. But delaying the feeling of appreciation, gratification and happiness until we get what we think we are working for is a forever elusive game of hide and seek. 

What I am trying to say is don’t let your goals determine when you think you might be happy. Happiness is now, it’s filled with thoughts and perspective, feelings of love and appreciation, but it’s a now thing, not a later thing. My thoughts of the day 

Below is the southern night sky and this makes me feel real good.

Often I am 2 or 3 hours out of town, on my way home. The countryside is dark and the night sky illuminates the landscape. I am forced to stop in these moments to capture, to look and wonder but mostly these moments force me to stop and breathe. In these moments, thoughts like the ones above flood my mind. 

Dean Raphael