Picnic At Hanging Rock

“Everything begins and ends at exactly the right time and place” Miranda, Picnic at Hanging Rock

In celebration of the Australian film Picnic At Hanging Rock's 40th anniversary, I was invited along with some other incredibly talented artists and Instagrammers for an actual picnic at the actual Hanging Rock. 

It was Friday the 13th and we were meeting in honour of a story and film that already had some creepy undertones to it. The evening went a little to plan, as in we all met and started to take some photos. And then, well the photos will tell you the story of some of the storm that came down on us. However the photos stopped when I had to activate my insurance policy (a plastic bag for my camera). I will just say this - I have never been so rained on, I was wet in all sorts of strange places. It was almost like we weren't meant to be there. 

The event was styled and organised by Ingrid Weir with Dallas Jays as the model.

Ominous skies looming over Hanging Rock

Ominous skies looming over Hanging Rock

Dean Raphael