Dean Raphael - Photographer of Weddings, Lifestyle, Travel & Yoga

When I left the nine-to-five world to work for myself I made a promise that the work I create would be something I love. It would be fun, a celebration of love. Something I’d be proud of and something for other people.

To this day this still stands, I keep finding new ways of having fun and new people to create it with.

I love creating. Photographs and films are the physical and visual manifestation of my heart but I know creation is in everything we do. It’s in the way we live our lives. 

I shoot weddings, travel, lifestyle and yoga imagery. All of which I consider a fine art, something that can’t be replicated, only manifested differently through varying eyes and different life experiences. 

I want my clients to have felt a connection with my work. Something heartfelt that compelled them to be apart of an art that tells many stories. My art means so much to me and I want it to mean a lot to you. I want us to connect and I want to build friendships from what we create. 

Half based in Melbourne, half Byron Bay and Gold Coast areas, the other half living on the road travelling and experience life in it’s raw elements. 

What I hope to do with my work is connect people. Through a series of images and film documentaries I want to connect people across different cultures, different celebrations of life and the vast array of beautiful landscapes in our natural world. I consider everything practice for something much greater than just myself.

I’m already so grateful you’re here, thank you for coming this far.

Below is where you will be able to contact me, I hope we can create something beautiful together.


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