Dean Raphael - Photographer of Weddings, Portraiture & Destinations

I love what I do, I no longer call it a job, creating has become second nature no matter the story.

With my camera I’ve found a way to connect with people, I believe these connections lend themselves to being a more fundamental part of the image making process than anything else.

I shoot weddings, lifestyle and travel imagery all of which I consider a fine art, something that can’t be replicated, only shot differently through varying eyes. 

Half based in Melbourne, half Gold Coast/Byron Bay and the other half living on the road experiencing life to the fullest.

Investing in my work funds my travel which is dedicated to experiencing and documenting life in places that are totally different to our own. What I really hope to do with my work is connect people across cultures from rich to poor, ocean to mountains and land to land through a series of images and film documentaries. This year I’ve only just begun - I consider everything practice for something much greater than just myself.