Dean Raphael - Photographer of Weddings, Lifestyle, Travel & Yoga

How do I say what I want to say without sounding pretentious or overly selling myself? As I’m learning with most things I do, to start I have to get out of my head and into my heart. 

Hello, I am Dean. I'm in love with life, with what I do and each day I am learning. I learn how to be grateful, how to love, how to appreciate and how to feel my way through this intricate life we share. 

It’s true, I love creating photos. I love the moments frozen - the emotion, the purity, the honesty and the delicate light falling upon the beauty found in everything. 

I shoot weddings, travel, lifestyle and yoga imagery. All of which I consider a fine art, something that can’t be replicated, only shot differently through varying eyes.

I’m also a yogi. This isn’t some cosmic fluff, this is a way of life I’ve found that helps me stay grounded, connected to myself and in harmony with my heart. My heart is what I use to guide myself through life and this is what I pour into my work. 

Half based in Melbourne, half Gold Coast/Byron Bay and the other half living on the road experiencing life to the fullest.

What I hope to do with my work is connect people. Connect across different cultures from ocean to mountains, city to jungle and land to land through a series of images and film documentaries. I consider everything practice for something much greater than just myself.

I’m already so grateful you’re here, thank you for coming this far. Below is where you will be able to contact me, I hope we can share and create something beautiful together.


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