Desert Moon ~ The Big Drift

We choose to be free because there is no other way. 

For many of us in the creative world we often seek to escape the norms and pressures from the fast-paced society. It's not because we're all reclusive, depressed or unable to participate in the competitive structured world, it's more so that we observe and silently ponder the question in every situation, 'how can we do this a different way'. What we dream about is a world where each moment is considered and absorbed and not counted in steps of failure or accomplishment to a life of happiness thereafter. We consider happiness is the priority and each moment is a choice to do what we want to accomplish that, in the present moment. 

The almost full moon, The Big Drift in Wilson's Prom, Vic & Isabel Sasse. 

Young hearts wild and free ~ Desert Moon

The Big Drift

The Big Drift