The Big Drift vs. Fuji Superia 400 by Dean Raphael

Have you ever found yourself surrounded by a landscape so vast and epic, you were just lost for words?

That was I when stood upon the first sand dune that gave me the entirety of the view at The Big Drift, which is located in Wilson's Prom National Park, the very deep south of Victoria, Australia.

It's a tiny 3.5 hour drive south east out of Melbourne and, well, it is one of the most beautiful locations in Australia. That I've seen anyway.

To find it, well it is a bit tricky. It involves a 2km hike through obvious path along the back of some farmland, and then, the not so obvious path through the sand and shrubs. Actually, it's very obvious, just keep walking. You'll know when you're there, and if you don't you're in for a long night. Don't stress too much though, I had full reception and 3G on my phone with the worst telco in Australia, I even had faster internet than I do in the heart of Melbourne, thanks Vodafone! But seriously, leave your phone in your bag, you have much better shit to look at. Like sand. A lot of sand.

In the coming week I intend on going back there for some night galaxy shots, if that's your thing then come back a little later for some eye-porn.

Meanwhile, the below (bar a few) are shot on Fujifilm Superia 400. While I am there for the second time, I will be loaded with different films for other colour options.

If you want any of these in prints please email me via the contact page.

The digital/film gallery can be viewed here.