Shooting film with Lasca Dry | Fuji Superia 400 vs. Ilford Delta 100

I took to the long fields of emoji-like grass and and a glaring sunset with Lasca Dry to test out two rolls of film and well, I couldn't resist whipping out my DSLR as well.

First roll, was Fujifilm Superia 400. Typically, perfect for sunsets, the purples and blues are enhanced, and the way it handles light is ridiculous. I use this film a lot, along with Fuji Superia 200, both do my lifestyle landscape shots a lot of justice. Only downside is the greens, when the wrong light mixes with skin tones it just becomes a little too harsh and green on human faces.

Second roll was Ilford Delta 100. Shooting black & white, with a beautiful model and a spectacular sunset seems like an odd thing to do.

I did this for two reasons, one was to test the capabilities of how the film handles light, which it does amazingly, but the other reason was to see the finished result, and see what the effect the black and white does to the brain. For me, the sunset still speaks, and the film enhances the mood more so as it leaves a few more questions for the eyes to answer.

All of the below shots were taken on my 1978 Asahi Pentax K1000 - The dreamiest 35mm camera.