Hannah & Eze - Feathertop Wines Wedding

Hannah & Eze ~ 27.04.2017
Autumn Wedding at Feathertop Wines, Bright Victoria

I left that evening feeling truly inspired. These two married at Feathertop Wines, just out of Bright in Victoria’s Alpine region. Autumn had opened it’s warmth in the afternoon sun just as Hannah & Eze opened their hearts to each other and all those around.  

When Eze sung 'Can’t Help Falling In Love' to Hannah across the room and I was in the middle trying to get shots of them both, I could see in his eyes pure love and her eyes looking back the very same thing. And in my eyes tears fell and when I looked around the room tears were falling like soft rain.

This is a true story of love.

Hannah & Eze, Feathertop Wines April 27, 2017

Hannah & Eze, Feathertop Wines April 27, 2017

Thank you Hannah & Eze

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