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Veruska & Curly ~ Secret Garden Wedding in Byron Bay

And just when I thought there weren’t going to be any more tears they came rolling. 

Like a final hoorah to a year of deeply emotional weddings Veruska & Curly put my emotions to the test with their vibrancy of love toward each other. Curly, a gentle and humble human being opened the door to his life through his open...

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Zara & Danny ~ Daylesford Wedding

The Victorian countryside has always given me nostalgic feeling of a romantic pioneering Australia. Maybe it’s from the films I watched as a child or maybe it’s the dry grass and tall white Eucalyptus with the sound of cockatoos harmonising with the cool breezes at the end of the day - whatever it is, this wedding gave me that feeling and it hit a sensitive spot.

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Brooke & Dave's Wedding at Baie Wines

Brooke & Dave held a beautiful and relaxed celebration with their friends and family at Baie Wines on the Bellarine Peninsula. With cheeky jokes, wild dance moves, the 'almost' accident of the swinging kilt and contagious laughter running all day it was one of those occasions where I enjoyed being there absorbing the atmosphere as much as I enjoyed documenting the special moments...

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