Nepal - I Never Came Home

In October 2016 I left home. 

I left my home in Melbourne and I went travelling. I had planned the two month trip, one month Nepal and the other India. Prior to this I'd hardly left Australia. They say that when you go out into the world you come back different. I was 29 when I first left shores and 30 when I went here. I came back different that's certain. Through a series of uncanny and unquestionably relevant and necessary events this trip to Nepal was due to change everything. I changed and so did the entire world around me. 

I always knew, my whole life, that I once I had a taste for the exotic outside world I'd never be able to stop. The flood gates were open. It pent up for so many years. People would ask

"Why haven't you traveled anywhere?" 

To which my answer was only that I didn't know how. 

While I was away on this trip I received some news from home suggesting that when I return I'd have to move out. This caused havoc in my head as I'd had such a routine and methodically secure lifestyle until this point.

The yearning for a life-change was shaking my existence for a very long time. 

For a good twelve months I had that feeling deep inside me, you know the one that won't leave you like a voice over and over...

"Everything is about to change"

And that it did. The 'what to do with my life when I return' thoughts stressing my mind all the way through Nepal and into India to which I had come to few conclusions that made me feel as good as what I was doing at that point in time. The 'right now' of travel was hard to give up. 

And that was it. 

Everything changed. 

By the time I was ready to leave India I felt a knowing more clear than ever. 

I decided this was my new home. Not Nepal and not India, but my backpack and wherever I wanted to be. 

Home was now a place in my heart,
not a location on a map

Fourteen months on and it's been the single most rewarding choice I've ever made or had made for me. I actually don't feel like I played much a role in the decision making. Those who know the experience know the feeling.

I live nomadically in between my work in Australia.
This journey is incredible and has only just begun. 

Some people you'll see in these images:
Firstly there's Fan & WuFan, a couple I had met who were riding the classic Royal Enfields across the north of India into Nepal. Their story inspired me beyond anything. 

Then there is Marija, the friend you'll see, we rode out into villages together. This experience of meeting with locals off the tourist track was the beginning of something that since has not stopped. Nothing brings me greater joy than this.

The places visited here are;
Briefly Kathmandu in the beggining and end of this post.
Mostly Lakeside, Pokhara and small villages in the surrounding himalayan foothills.

The special moment of the young monk was Pema Ts'al Sakya Monastic Institute & Jangchub Choeling Monastery Pokhara, Nepal.

Let me say here that the Nepalese people introduced me to a very special place within myself. True love in warmth and welcoming in a world so different to our own. Blessed I am to have met the people in the places that I did and since have. If you ever can, visit these people.

They're so beautiful.

I hope you enjoy. 

TravelDean Raphael