A New Space Within

There’s a special feeling, some kind of eternal freedom when you acknowledge and embrace that sadness is regular, normal and a shared experience. Something that doesn’t define who are, yet simply stands as an experience the same as any...

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Veruska & Curly ~ Secret Garden Wedding in Byron Bay

And just when I thought there weren’t going to be any more tears they came rolling. 

Like a final hoorah to a year of deeply emotional weddings Veruska & Curly put my emotions to the test with their vibrancy of love toward each other. Curly, a gentle and humble human being opened the door to his life through his open...

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Zara & Danny ~ Daylesford Wedding

The Victorian countryside has always given me nostalgic feeling of a romantic pioneering Australia. Maybe it’s from the films I watched as a child or maybe it’s the dry grass and tall white Eucalyptus with the sound of cockatoos harmonising with the cool breezes at the end of the day - whatever it is, this wedding gave me that feeling and it hit a sensitive spot.

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